The Stormy Cup

The Donaghadee Coffee Shop by the sea. We feature award winning coffee (4 Gold Medals) in 8 different blends and also a wide range of breakfast and brunch options as well as Toasties, Sandwiches, Wraps and Burgers.



The Stormy Cup Story

We are kind of the unofficial Donaghadee Museum as we have over 1000 Items of local and Irish history on our walls.

The Stormy Cup has also a long family tradition.

My great-grand father was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1890 and met a ballerina when he was 18.

The family wasn’t a great fan of hers so they ran away to Vienna for her to dance at the theatre. My great grandfather didn’t really know what to do so he started an apprenticeship at the King’s Court Bakery and Cafe.

Many years later he worked himself up to the Master Pastry Chef at the King’s Court and returned to Hamburg and opened his Vienna Style Coffee house which was taken over by my grandfather who taught me cooking, baking and ice cream making.

9 years ago I met a beautiful girl from Donaghadee on travels and ended up “running away with her” to her wonderful home town to continue the family tradition.

The first lease my great Grandfather signed for his coffee shop is on the wall at the Stormy Cup.


What People are Saying

“Really cool vibe”

Ordered a basic Cheese & Ham Taostie. Approx £6 so didn’t expect much, however boom, really good quality bread lots of ham & cheese all good quality. […] The place itself has been really thought-out décor. Really good vibe!

Paul Know

“Great coffee!”

Great coffee, friendly service with good choice on menu and intriguing ambience of back in the day memorabilia. […] Lots of street parking with a free public park not too far away. Wheelchair friendly! Just ask the waiting staff for diary restrictions.

Dave English

“Excellent service and quality!”

Excellent service and quality, the best coffee menu! You can pick the perfect blend to you. Staff very friendly and helpful. Place is very clean, good menu, price is in range of the location and standard of service”

Laurence Reid

“Outstanding place with ocean view!”

This is the cosy and friendly café I have ever been to. The coffee was amazing and not to mention the food they offer. The cakes on display looked so delicious, this is going to be my favorite place in town!”

Peter Mumford

Address & Contact


PHONE +44 7729 436439

We’re open …

09:00am – 05:00pm

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The Stormy Cup is operated by Further North Ltd.

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